Download Cortana Apk Latest V2.10.12.2325 Free For Android 2018

Cortana Apk For Android – Are you looking for this app?

Hi guys, Welcome to my today’s article in which we shall be talking about one of the most popular apk “Cortana Apk Download”.

Guys as you all know that in today’s busy life we always want to save time. And for these purposes, our scientist and developers are working very hard to make our lifestyle better and easy.

Bring your smart digital assistant to your Android phone to help keep track of the important stuff wherever you are, across your devices.

Take a look around yourself everything is now related to technology and science. And with the increment in needs of technology new resources where developing day by day.

Let me tell you about one of the most popular technologies working in between us known as Artificial intelligence. In this technology the devices where opting the things on their own and answering all your questions.

Like Siri for Apple users, known to be the best friend now. You can talk and set reminders and whatever you want you can do with the help of this app.

You can talk like a human to this apk. For an example, if you need some of your files in your MAC and you are unable to find it. Then here Siri comes into play, just open Siri app and ask where is my file with a file name. At the instant moment, Siri will find your file and open it for you.

Amazing right? Similarly, an Apk is developed for Android users known as Cortana Apk. This app also works as the same Siri does.

In below section, I will let you know about Cortana Apk and Its download In details.


Cortana Apk Download For Android


Guys you all having a general idea about Cortana apk. But you need to know more about this app, let me tell you one more thing this app is for android users.

Microsoft Cortana Apk is your free smart digital assistant. She can support you by giving you reminders, keeping your notes and lists, taking care of tasks and helping manage your calendar.

In this apk, you can ask to play your desired song for you without touching the screen or searching for the song. Cortana Apk for Android is the best app in an android field.

Because it does all the works by itself, you need to only open it and ask for desired stuff. As you can see this Cortana Apk saves your lots of time and also help you to manage it.

Like if you need to wish birthday to any of your friends and you might not be sure that you can keep this in mind. All you have to do set a birthday reminder for specific date and time with the name.

Cortana Apk will make sure to remind you of your friends birthday. One more thing it can also send messages from you to your friends on saving the date and time to send.

It does all the works which we do earlier and feels bored to do so or due to lack of time. Sometimes you are in a meeting and you need to send a message to your friend.

Just open Cortana Apk and save the message and ask Cortana to send it for you on the specific time.


Cortana Apk V2.10.12.2325 For Android: Features


Guys now, I think you better understand the apk by knowing its features. Almost all work can be performed by the apk which you do in your Android device.

It makes the life very easier and stuffs very easy to perform on android device. Now below I will let you know some of the best key points of this apk. And the functions you can perform with help of Cortana Apk.

  • Your smart assistant Cortana can give reminders on the basis of your location. So that you can set a reminder in your android device for shopping at stores or for taking medicines form the stores.
  • She can also set reminders for contact details and attach a photo with the name on the contact.
  • She can send messages to you on birthdays, parties and other things. All you have to set reminders for the messages on a specific date and time.
  • Your assistant can also remind your commitments you have made in emails if you are or office, 365 users.
  • So that Cortana Apk can help you to complete the task you have promised to complete at the last of the day.
  • Cortana Apk for Android also keeps eyes on your calendar. And watch traffic with the help of google so that you can go office early for the meeting.
  • If you need to find a fast answer from Cortana Apk or search for info on a flight or package, just ask Cortana. If you’re working on a task, like a budget, she can support you.
  • Like any smart assistant, Cortana Apk for Android can search all files for your work. And can manage all your stuff on time.
  • She is just like the backbone of yours because it set reminders for all the official and unofficial purposes. You and I is not able to keep all things on mind. Cortana is best to assist by us to perform our desired work.
  • Now, this is all about Microsoft Cortana digital assistant app. Tap on the link given above to download Cortana Apk For Android.


Cortana Digital Assistant Apk File Information

October 25, 2018
Varies with device
Offered By
Microsoft Corporation
Requires Android
Varies with device
Play StoreLink


How To Get Cortana On Android


Below I am going to tell you how you can get Cortana on your Android Device. Guys as I mentioned all the features above in the list, you can easily manage your stuff on your device.

To get Cortana Apk on your android follow some easy steps below:

  • At first download Cortana apk from the link given above for android.
  • Now after the tap, you need to know the installation process of Cortana Apk for android.
  • The installation process is given in the next section of this article, Read it below.
  • You need to know the features to use Cortana apk for android in better use, read the above information above.


How To Download And Install Cortana Apk For Android?


Guys, Now you have all knowledge about Cortana Apk and you are all set to download and install Cortana for android. And you can easily see that how Cortana apk is helping you to manage all your things.

Whether it is for reminders or managing your files and helping you to out the best search results. Although it also recognizes Google search engine and reminds you to the stores you need to collect items from.

Now below I want to tell you some basic steps to download and install Cortana apk for android.

Step 1. Tap on the below button and download will start ASAP.


Step 2. Select OK to start Download.

Download Cortana Apk For Android - Allapkmods

Step 3. After the download will complete. You will need to install Cortana Apk for Android.

Download Cortana Apk For Android - Allapkmods

Step 4. Select Install and Cortana apk will be installed in your android device.

Download Cortana Apk For Android - Allapkmods

Well, guys are all about the process to download Cortana apk for android. Make your life easy and save your time by using this apk.

As I told you in the article above, Cortana for android unreleased does not just an app for your device. It’s a helping friend which will take all your work on itself and helps you be updated with all reminders.

Download Cortana Apk For Android from the link above. Tap on the button and follow the steps given above to download Microsoft Cortana digital assistant apk.


Cortana Setup Download

microsoft cortana digital assistant apk latest version - 5

All you need to know the setup to run Cortana apk on your android. To set up this apk in android follow the following basic steps:

  • At first, you need to download the apk from the direct link given above.
  • After completing the downloads, you need to set up in your Android device.
  • You need to enable the download from the unknown sources in your settings.
  • Open setting in your android and enable installation from unknown sources.
  • After the installation completed agree with the terms and use Cortana Apk for an easy life.


How To Install Cortana On Windows 10


Now let me tell you, Cortana can also be working on windows. You need to download and install it from the link given below.

As I mentioned all the advantages of using the apk in android. Similarly, Cortana also helps to manage windows files and media.

It also sets reminders for you to perform special work on a specific time and date. So below I am going to tell you how you can install Cortana Apk on windows.

  • Click on the link given below to download Cortana Apk for windows.


  • After the download, you will need to install the apk in your windows.
  • Click on install which will be shown to you by the PC.
  • Agree with the terms and condition of Cortana apk and click on next button.
  • After some time your apk will be installed in your windows and open it in your PC.
  • Enjoy Cortana apk in your PC as it will ease your work.


Is Cortana Available For Windows 7?

microsoft cortana digital assistant apk latest version on windows 7

Actually, Cortana apk is launched for Android devices but recently it is also launched for Windows 10. And other Windows OS are not currently accepting installation of the apk.

If you need any other apk similar to Cortana. You can download Braina in your windows which will work for almost all windows OS like Windows XP,1,7,8,9 and others.

The details for Braina will be in my another article because its features are quite different for Cortana apk. But if you are a windows 10 user Cortana Apk is best for you.


Microsoft Cortana Digital Assistant Apk Screen Shots

Download Cortana Apk For Android - Allapkmods

Download Cortana Apk For Android


C:\Users\gaurac\Desktop\Download Cortana Apk For Android - Allapkmods


Microsoft Cortana Digital Assistant Apk Latest Version


Final Verdict

Now, all done you can enjoy Cortana Apk for Android and Windows. In this Apk, you can enjoy unlimited working hacks and reminders.

Cortana apk for android is the best apk for android users. This Apk is the best opportunity to get all the winnings for free works.

I hope you liked the information given above. Stay tuned with me to know and to download all Apk mods of every game you want. Thanks for the reading.

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