WA Tweaks V4.5 Apk Download for Android (No Root)

Download WA Tweaks Apk – Are you looking for this apk?

Hello guys, Welcome to today’s blog in which we shall be talking about an awesome apk.

Guys, You need WA Tweaks in your android device. Right?

Here I will let you about WA Tweaks in detail and assist you to run the apk on your android device. At first let me explain you about the apk.

WA Tweaks is an awesome apk in which you can customize your WhatsApp Apk totally. The apk allows you to access all the hidden features of WhatsApp.

It also let you customize your WhatsApp Apk in looks and functioning. Like you can change your UI with the help of WA Tweaks Apk and also control your privacy and policy of the app.

This apk will be best for your android device. Because all we need privacy and some special features in our apps. And the Apk has all these qualities in it.

Even you can change the status timing of your WhatsApp Apk. Because you have seen in the latest update your status will remain for 24hrs.

But with the help of WA Tweaks Apk you can sustain your status according to your desire timing.

Download WA Tweaks V4.5 Free For Android

WA_Tweaks_on allapkmods

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Guys its time to know about this apk in details. The apk is full of interesting features which will make your android a real smart phone.

You can customize your current whatsapp apk with help of WA Tweaks Apk Download. In this you can change the UI and Every possible change that can be made.

You can enable all hidden features like Enable vCards indexing, Enable images document detection, Enable group admin tools, Enable change number notification and Enable shake to report bug.

And many other customization can be made with this in UI. Like you can enable stickers, forward message alert, and slide to record.

The apk will let your identity safe and secure and will show only when you will enable it from the WA Tweaks Apk Settings.

You can also customize your photos resolution, maximum value for the group subject, status in full quality, 30degree video limit for status like in YouTube red, and group participants limits in the apk.

WA tweaks Will let your control on your all messages whether you want to feel someone you have seen messages or not. It’s all up to you.

Download WA Tweaks Apk V4.5 Free For Android: Features

WA_Tweaks_on allapkmods

Guys you have an idea about the apk. Now I will let you know the features of the WA tweaks V4.5 in details. If you have not download yet, tap on the link given above to download the apk.

  • You can enable vCards indexing, Enable images document detection, Enable group admin tools, Enable change number notification and Enable shake to report bug in this apk.
  • You can customize the status time more than 30min in HQ quality. But in original whatsapp apk it happens for only 22 to 30 seconds.
  • Send full resolution photos via WA Tweaks and you can also use the maximum value for the group subect.
  • You can send the status in high quality and does not remove automatically. you can manage the status timing.
  • You can limit the participants limits in the group and all this is possible with the help of WA Tweaks Apk download.
  • Increase document MB limit as per your desire and you can also resize emoji picker as per your needs.
  • You can check out many awesome features which will make your phone really awesome and a complete Smartphone.

How To Download And Install WA Tweaks Apk V4.5 In Android For Free?

  • Download WA Tweaks from the link given below. Tap and download will start as soon as possible.

WA_Tweaks_on allapkmods

  • After your downloads will complete you will be taken to the installation page.
  • Click on install and your installation process will begin

WA_Tweaks_on allapkmods

  • Now open WA Tweaks Apk and grant permission to root your android device.
  • You need to force stop whatsApp for use WA Tweaks Apk. Go to setting – Apps – WhatsApp – Force Stop.

WA_Tweaks_on allapkmods

  • Now you will see lots of options available there in the apk.
  • Enable Home GIF, UI and right corner button to see more options.

How Does WA Tweaks Apk Download Works For Android?

Guys its time to know the functionality of WA Tweaks Apk. At first all you need to download the apk and install it on your android as per the instructions given above.

WA Tweaks APK Download

At first when you will open the WA tweaks Apk for the first time, you will be asked to root your android device.

WA Tweaks APK Download

The apk will check all folders permission and then after root permission. If you do not permit to root it will show a red cross in front of root option.

WA Tweaks APK Download

You can root your device by following the simple steps given below after this section.

After your device will be rooted you will be asked to enable lots of options in the apk.

Like an example enable vCards indexing, Enable images document detection, Enable group admin tools, Enable change number notification and Enable shake to report bug in this apk.

After that you can customize the WhatsApp Apk with the help of WA Tweaks. In customization you can change your UI, Photos resolution, HQ status, Status more than 30min limit and many awesome changes. That can be made via WA tweaks Only.

Now enjoy you privacy and customization in this apk.

How To Root Your Android device To Use WA Tweaks Apk For Free?

WA_Tweaks_on allapkmods

Guys before you start using WA Tweaks Apk for free in your android, you need to root to device first.

If you will do it the apk will not work on your android device. Follow the simple steps below to root your android phone.

  • First of all download kingroot apk on your device.
  • Once you done go to setting option of your android handset followed by going to security option.
  • Now click on the option of unknown sources, enable it to download from the third party.
  • Once you done successfully, now go go download files option and click on the install option to forward in the process.
  • Now open it and launch.
  • Next ,tap on the start root option button and your root will start as soon as possible.
  • While rooting your device it will take few minutes to complete.
  • You will get notified once the rooting of your android is completed.
  • Reset your android handset in order to avail the changes successfully added.
  • Now you can use wa tweaks apk download for android.
  • This is the process you need to follow to root your android device.

Now you are all set to download WA Tweaks Apk in your android for free.

Download WA Tweaks Apk Latest Version4.5 In Android For Free

What’s More In WA Tweaks Apk Download

WA_Tweaks_on allapkmods

Guys now you are all set to use WA Tweaks Apk in your android device. Now you can extend wa tweaks for whatsapp status more than 30seconds.

The above information and procedure should be followed to use wa tweaks apk download for android. The apk is Awesome because of having awesome features.

The above download link is given for latest Apk download for your android device. Tap on the download button and your download will start soon.

But before the download you need to root your device at first. Follow the above instruction to root your android device and to use wa tweaks apk without root download.

Final Verdict

Guys when we talk about Customiation, the only word comes in our mind is WA Tweaks Apk. All in one apk.

Because to use this you need to root your android device. You have make strategies with your friends to safe use of apk.

Now, all done you can enjoy wa tweaks apk 2.6.6 download. In this, you can enjoy by destroying all enemies.

Download wa tweaks 2.6 3 latest version apk for android 2017 is the best game ever in which you can save humanity from the planet. This game is the best opportunity to get unlimited data and money for free.

I hope you liked the information given above. Stay tuned with me to know and to download all Apk mods of every game you want. Thanks for the reading.