20 Best iPhone Emulators For Windows PC – tool for iOS Users

Are you searching iOS Emulators for Windows PC and are you confuse which emulators is best for you then you are at right place. Hey, we Allapkmods team going to list top 20 best iPhone/iOS Emulators for Windows PC.

If you iPhone fan and want to run iOS apps on windows PC then Emulators are a very crucial tool for you. Emulators give you the environment to run iPhone applications on Windows PC.

The wonderful software world developed iOS emulators by which you can experience how iOS works on a PC. It means you can feel iPhone world on your Windows PC.

Here in this article, we going to discuss best and top-rated iPhone Emulators for Windows OS. Some of you may not be aware of Emulator so Before going to the listing we want to describe What in iPhone Emulators? How does it work? and what is need?

What is an iOS Emulator?

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Emulators are the software programs which create a different OS environment on another OS environment, in simple language, if you are working on OS A and want to work on OS B at same platform A then emulator makes this possible by providing a native environment of OS B.

iOS or iPhone Emulator for windows are similar software as mentioned above. If we install this software on Windows PC then it will provide an iOS environment to run iPhone application on your Windows PC.

It works on the concept of virtualization. This concept is responsible to create virtual machines. These virtual machines help to run the iOS application on Windows OS.

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Why Should You use an iOS Emulator?

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Many people start using Emulator due to gaming. The reason is many of game application are works on the specific platform so if peoples want to play these games then they need that platform. In this case, the emulator helps them create that environment on their platform.

Many programmer or software engineer wants to test there a program to another platform. Emulator makes this possible without buying that machine platform.

Cost Effectiveness-

It is a very good thing about the emulator is cost-effectiveness. Many software charges for there software as a rental charge but most of the emulators are charge only one time. You don’t have to pay again and again like rental charge. It’s like one-time investment and lifetime use.

Using Emulator is much cheaper than buying a new machine for other environments. So you don’t have to buy the new device for a new platform.

This is all about iOS emulators, now come to our list of Best iOS or iPhone emulators for windows.

Best iOS emulators for Windows PC

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Here we are going to list best iOS emulators for Windows PC, Now you don’t have to worry about buying a new device from iPhone store. Just download from download link and enjoy iOS on windows PC. We are making this list according to some important factors. These factors are availability,  compatibility, user experience, and cost factor.

1.MobiOne Studios

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In the list of Best iOS Emulators MobiOne Studios is on the top position. Before going into details I want to tell you that the MobiOne Studios is discontinued from the developer end but still working fine when you install on your PC.

It’s a lightweight software so you don’t have to worry about the device configurations. You can easily test your apps on the emulator. Gameplay is also very experience on this Emulator. You can play your favorite iOS games without worrying about lagging and graphics.

MobiOne is very good software for the developer who wants to develop an application for the native environment. You can test your iOS applications on MobiOne Studios emulator, you don’t need to connect your iOS phone again and again.


2. Smartface

ios_emulator_on allapkmods

On coming to the next emulator Smartface is on 2nd in our list. This iOS emulator is very famous among the native app developer. Developers use this emulator to test their applications. This emulator is good for professional use.

This is widely used by professionals so the price is quite high. Price of Smartface emulator is $99 but a free version of Smartface is also available which you can use for test the cross-platform applications.



ios_emulator_on allapkmods

Next one is App.io. This emulator is very popular in iOS emulators but the only problem with this emulator is its speed. App.io is popular for its easiness. Someone having less knowledge also can easily navigate options.

App.io have a problem of speed only. It takes much more time to file upload. Sometimes it takes more than 30 minutes to upload a single file.

This iPhone emulator is one of those emulators that focus on Simplicity. You can easily navigate and upload app package.

This iOS emulator provide 7 days free trial, after the trial period you have to pay for this for further use. This app is good for both, for gameplay as well as cross-platform app testing. You can download this emulator from the download button.


4. iPadian

ios_emulator_on allapkmods

As like name iPadian, this emulator is very good iPad emulator. iPadian is also simple to use and gives a feel of iPad on android and windows PC.

Its interface is just like iPhone and it provides all iOS features like Siri, iMessage, FaceTime, iTunes and many other. Installation is very simple and UI is very simple. Anyone can install it easily.

Gameplay is also a reason for the popularity of this iOS emulator.


5. Appetize.io

 ios_emulator_on allapkmods

This is another good emulator for the developer. Its allow you to develop a cross-platform application on cloud. Reason for No 5 is its price. This emulator is quite costly. After installation, it is free for the next 100 hours, after this trial period charged for 0.05$ per hour.

This emulator not only for run iOS app but also for developing Android and iOS applications on the cloud. For many developers, Appetize.io is their first choice.

Steps to use Appetize.io:

  1. Visit appetize.io official site
  2. Upload your application file ( Android or iOS )
  3. Now submit your mail id
  4. you will receive a mail with a link to run your application


6. AIR iPhone

AIR_iPhone_emulator on allapkmods

If you are app developer then you might be familiar with Adobe AIR framework, AIR iPhone is an emulator that is based on Adobe framework. It creates a virtual iPhone on windows PC. You have to download Adobe AIR framework along with this emulator to run this emulator.

Once all set up for installing finished, you can run AIR iPhone smoothly. Its good for iPhone lovers because it is the same like iPhone in your windows PC.



7. iPhone Simulator

iPhone_Simulator_on allapkmods

Guys if you are looking for best simulator which can help you play your iphone games on PC. Then iPhone simulator is the best one. The reason behind this very simple. All we need a best quality graphics and iPhone games to use this simulator.

Because in this you will get the best quality graphics. And what if all these are free for you. Here we are providing you the direct link to download iPhone simulator below.

You can create a virtual clone of UI of your iPhone on windows and play all your games on windows. Is not it awesome?

Sure, Once I used the iPhone simulator I was amazed because my acceptations are quite low. But once I used this, Simulator comes in addiction because all the games were played by me is now on iPhone simulator only.

So, What are you looking for? Grab it from the link below and enjoy your favorite games on iPhone simulator.

Compatibility –  Windows

Rating – 4/5


8. iPAD Simulator

iPAD_Simulator_on allapkmods

Guys, First of all, let me tell you iPad Simulator is an extension of Google Chrome Browser. iPad Simulator works as Cloud OS as well as Simulator.

And advantages of using this is, you can use many Apple features without paying any cost. Like Siri one of the best feature of apple and here you can use it free of cost.

One thing more this is a virtual clone of iPad which we can use as an ios simulator for windows. If you want a cloud ios emulator for Windows PC, then iPad simulator is one of the best emulators for windows.

You can drag any application from ios and drop it on windows emulator. This will work all your ios application on Windows PC.

So, guys, this will be the best iPad emulator you can use for your windows. Download it fast from the direct download link from the link given below. And enjoy the emulator.

Rating – 4.5/5

Compatibility – Windows, Chrome

[Update] – will be provided soon



Guys here I am introducing you with on the best 3ds emulator ”NINTENDO”. It is a console which is regarded as the bestest ever, and this has received great reviews from the ios users.

If you are a ios users this emulator is very best for you for playing games. You are more concerned about games then this emulator is best because this is best in all case. Like graphics and 3D games.

NINTENDO will let you enjoy all your 3D games on your windows. It works as a virtual console for windows in which you can play your all ios games in windows.

So Hurry up, Download  NINTENDO 3DS EMULATOR from the direct link given below.

Rating – 4.5/5

Compatibility – Windows




Guys at first I should tell you Electric mobile Studio is a paid emulator to run on windows. This is quite costly but quality matters. Lots of users loved to use this just because of the high quality provided by this emulator.

There are lots of advantages of using an electric mobile studio because in this you can develop your own app for windows. And the best thing is that you can run all your ios application in windows through this emulator.

This cost about $39.00 for a month but they provide a 7 days free trial in which you can go through the advantages and should know why to use it.

You may think that this is costly but let me tell you one thing, you are paying for quality and other advantages that you will not get in other mobile studio emulators.

So what are you waiting for, Download Electric Mobile Studio free for windows from the link below?

Rating – 5/5

Compatibility – Windows




Guys Xamarin Test flight is well known for providing advanced support and a very user-friendly UI. And the good thing is that you download and install it very easily.

One limited criterion of this ios emulators is that you can test ios apps based on 8.0 and above. If you want to test lower app you should try another emulator from the list.

But guys, before you go for another you must why and how to use this emulator?

Well, let me tell you this ios emulator provides very advanced support and a very friendly UI. And you can test ios apps on this.

Therefore, hurry up. Download Xamarin Textflight from the direct link given below.

Rating – 4.5/5

Compatibility – ios/windows

12. Ripple

Ripple_emulator_on allapkmods

Ripple is another ios emulators that have steadily grown up in some time. You can easily add it your chrome from the extension because Ripple is a chrome based extension. In this, you can check your applications.

Ripple is also used by developers to develop apps and to test new apps. You can use this extension as an ios emulators.

This iOS emulator is another cloud-based iPhone emulator which support almost all ios Apps. It can run almost ios 1 to ios 11 apps on your PC. It’s surely a good alternative for iPad emulator for your computer.

Let me tell you Ripple is quite popular in tech geeks and ios apps developers. I think you should try it. Therefore, Hurry up. Download Ripple from the direct link given below.

Rating – 4.5/5

Compatibility – Google Chrome


IMAME_emulator_on allapkmods

iMAME is a good emulator for gaming. With the use of this, you can download and install any game of ios and iPad games. IMAME can emulate various types of ios games and can play on your computer.

You can play ios 9 and ios 10 games using IMAME. Download it fast and tell us about your experience.

IMAME isn’t a very good ios emulator but you can give a try it for ones. Download IMAME from the direct link below. And if the link does not work comment in the comment section below and I will update new link.

Rating – 2.5/5

Compatibility – NA


XAMARIN_emulator_on allapkmods

Xamarin is one of the latest emulators which is developed to test your iPhone apps on your computer. You can use iMessage on your computer using these emulators.

It is primly developed to check a cross-platform of ios with windows. You can enjoy all the ios app on your windows using Xamarin ios emulator. It is developed by one of the best companies in the world ”Giant Apple Inc”.

Just because it is an Apple product its quality is very high and loved by all the users. With the help of visual studios, developers debug ios apps on windows for your easiness. It is an excellent emulator for the app development purpose.

Therefore, Download Xamarin ios emulators from the direct link given below.

Rating – 4.7/5

Compatibility – Windows, Linux, Mac



Remoted Simulator is another best ios emulator by Xamarin. It will help you get all access to most of the ios apps on your Windows PC using ios emulators. If the above list of emulators failed to impress you, then you should try this one.

Guys its very easy to use and a very user-friendly ios emulator. You can debug it by using visual studios and change its navigation and other features.

Remoted simulator is one of the best ios emulators. You should give a try.

Therefore, Download Remoted simulator from the direct link given below.

Rating – 4.5/5

Compatibility – Windows


IDOS_EMULATOR_on allapkmods

The last name in this list is of IDOS Emulator. This iOS emulator gives you full access to the windows to all the apps of ios. You can test all your ios app on this and can run on windows using this ios emulators.

Its interference is quite straightforward and easy to use for beginners. Currently, IDOS emulator is not getting updates on features or bug reports. Even though it has the functionality, but I will not recommend you to use this ios emulator.

However, you want to give a try, Download it from the link.

Rating – 2/5

Compatibility – Windows



Guys here I am going to list some of the best ios emulators for MAC PC. These are as same as Windows but you can run it on your MAC PC.

Emulators are basically given access to the apps which we are unable to use on different OS. But here whatever emulators are listed below can be used to test all apps of any OS to any other OS.

So guys take a look at these and enjoy.

17. App.io

Well, this iPhone emulator is also available for MAC OS along with windows. You can download from the link above link. It supports almost all MAC OS versions and runs almost all apps on Windows and MAC.

Let me tell you guys this ios emulator is very popular among all the developers for app testing purposes. You know what this ios emulators also works as to test the newly made application.

You can also develop or debug the apps according to your need. App.io is considered as the best ios emulator among all emulators.

I have tried this and wants to recommend you to download it from the link below. You will definitely enjoy the emulator if you want to run your apps on desired OS.

App.io is the best alternative to appetize.io. So if you are feeling any trouble in Appetize you can go for App.io which will give you lots of benefits.

18. Xamarin Testflight

The well-known emulators also work on MAC OS. It has some great features which will make a good apple emulator for MAC OS. Try this if you want to run all your Apps on MAC OS and Windows.

It did the same thing as other ios emulators do but with the better quality and features. You will definitely like it. Download Xamarin Testflight as soon as possible to run all your apps on desired OS.


Guys this is an Apple product. Being apple product your expectations become higher. You can expect a better quality and features from XAMARIN and let me tell this ios emulator is truly meeting all your expectations.

It is most popular for testing of iOS apps on MAC or Windows. Almost all the apps can be tested through this emulator. You need to know that this is having the features and quality among all other emulators.

I can surely recommend you to download this and enjoy all your apps on MAC and Windows. XAMARIN can provide you almost everything you need in an emulator. Just go for it.

If you really need an emulator for MAC or windows.

20. Appetize.io

Guys Appetize.io the last one in the list and the good one. Because it is totally free for MAC as you have seen earlier it is totally free for windows too.

You can do almost all the functions as we did in above ios emulators. But let me tell you this also works as good as others. You can test almost all apps in this and can run it on MAC or windows.

One more thing you can also develop or debug your apps as you need to do. Moreover, in comparison to all other ios emulators, Appetize.io is one of the best emulators.

Therefore download it fast and enjoy your all apps on your desired OS.

Final Verdict

Now, all done you can enjoy the 20 best ios emulators. In this, you can enjoy and download it from the link given above.

Emulators are the best software’s with which you can all your apps on your desired OS.

I hope you liked the information given above. Stay tuned with me to know and to download all Apk mods of every game you want. Thanks for the reading.