FMWhatsapp Apk Mod 7.70 Download Latest Version 2018 [2nd Feature is Awesome]

FMWhatsapp Apk – Are you looking for the mod version of WhatsApp?

Then you are in the right place. Hello everyone, welcome all. Today we shall be surely talking about FMWhatsapp Apk which is one another mod of Whatsapp.

You have seen there are lots of Whatsapp mods revolving around the market. And FMWhatsapp apk is one of them, one of the most popular mods of Whatsapp apk.

FMWhatsapp apk is quite trending from a long time and in recent times considered as the best mod apk of Whatsapp. This is the most used and trusted mods which work perfectly.

FMWhatsapp Apk Download For Android


You can download this mod in your android device and I have shared one more you should try Whatsapp Plus Apk.

Well, in case if you are thinking of “HOW TO DOWNLOAD FMWhatsapp Apk ON YOUR DEVICE?”, Then it will good to read the article till the end.

WhatsApp has become an essential part of our life, we interact with people, family, and friends with help of this apk.

And moreover, many people use WhatsApp for business purposes and communicating dealers which are far away from them. But being very useful and smart application used by most of the android users now decreasing.

Because despite having lots of users it lacks some features that’s why people are now moving to mod apk like FMWhatsapp Apk.

Now before directly going for the download link, let me give you a small introduction to Whatsapp FM apk.


What’s More In FMWhatsapp Apk?

Being a popular apk around the world, Whatsapp apk has been used by millions of users. Everyone around the world is using WhatsApp apk for interaction, but people are now moving to mod apks.

The reason behind the diversion from WhatsApp is because of lack of features. I have also shared mini craft pocket edition apk. 

FMWhatsapp Apk Download For Android

Whatsapp has not given full access to security, You can add only a limited number of people, and many features like this. As the result, lots of people are now moving for its mod apk and not using an even official version of Whatsapp apk.

People are thanking mods apks like FMWhatsapp apk which provides full access to all the needs of users. FMWhatsapp mod is an edited version of WhatsApp apk.

You will get all the features that are the lack in official WhatsApp apk. There may be a question arising to your mind “How Both apks are different (FMWhatsapp apk/Official Whatsapp apk)?”

Well, I will let you know the differences and why should you use FMWhatsapp apk.

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App NameFMWhatsApp
App Size53.0mb
DeveloperFouad MODs
UpdateOctober 2018


App Lock:


FMWhatsapp Mods Apk Download For Android Version on allapkmods

  • As I told you above that official whatsapp apk is lack of some quality features but FMWhatsapp Apk is not. because in case of FMWhatsapp apk offers you app lock feature which you can easily use for app lock.
  • The app also provides additional features to lock the security feature of whatsapp. Which in result, you does not have to download any other app for your android to lock the app.
  • Along with this feature there are lots of features in FMWhatsapp apk. Download the apk from the link given above.

Call Filter System

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

  • Call Filter system is another one of the best features of FMwhatsapp apk. Because in this feature you can stop getting calls from annoying persons, and those numbers are already saved in your contacts will only be able to call you.
  • And with the help of this apk, you will be able to filter the calls on WhatsApp like from whom you can connect through. You can stop someone calling you by filtering him/her or from the settings.

Privacy Policy:

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

  • Guys this is in one of the most considering features of FMWhatsapp because most of the users are know wanted to hide their identity and online status that they are online.
  • This apk does access them to do so. You can hide your status and may select the people you want to show your status from the settings.
  • Hiding system is impossible in official WhatsApp apk and can be applied only in its mod apk.

Media Sharing Feature

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

  • Guys this is one another most useful feature in FMwhatsapp apk because in this you can share unlimited data files.
  • But if you know, let me tell you in official WhatsApp apk the data limit for data sharing is only 16MB which is quite less.
  • And if you want to share on large scale then FMWhatsapp will be the best option. Because in this apk you can share data files more than 700MB without any issue. Also, you all will be able to share data files like DOC, Media, RAR, PDF and so on.

Pin Chatting System

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

  • As per the official WhatsApp apk, you can only pin 3 chats at a time. No more chats can pine in official WhatsApp apk.
  • But in FMWhatsapp apk you will be able to pin more than 90 messages at a time. This is very useful for business purposes and community sharing.
  • You can also send the same messages more than 5 people but in case of official WhatsApp apk, you cannot select more than 5 to send the same messages at the same time.

Awesome Themes

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

  • FMWhatsapp is popular for its themes customization. You can change your background theme anytime you want. You can select different themes for different contacts which will completely change the look of your android phone.

Customization Option

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

  • This is 2nd last awesome feature of FMWhatsapp apk in which you can customize your application in your own way. Because every one of you having different skills and wanted a unique theme to feel the look of your device.
  • In this, you will able to change the look, icon, wallpaper, tick icons and so on.

Group Setting

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

  • The last and the best feature of FMWhatsapp Apk is that you can change the group setting. In this, you can manage all the things like no of people in a single group, the color of each group, and it has also a search box in the groups.

Well, these are the awesome features which are inbuilt in FMWhatsapp apk. Now I think you understand the main difference between the official version and mod version of Whatsapp apk.

Download FMWhatsapp Apk Latest Version For Android 2018

Well, In this section you can download FMWhatsapp apk for free. The main feature in this apk is you do not have to root your device for downloading.

In this article, I have provided the fastest download link to download FMWhatsapp apk. If the provided link is not working then comment in the comment section below.

We will work on that and repair the link again. One more thing do not forget to get back to us to get the latest update of FMWhatsapp apk. I have also shared UBERSOCIAL APK.

Latest FMWhatsapp Apk Download


Download OLD Versions Of FMWhatsapp Apk

Download version 1

Download version 2

Download version 3

Download version 4

How To Download And Install FMWhatsapp Apk On Android?

You are all set to download and install FMwhatsapp apk on your android phone. Now a very important question comes to your mind that “How To Download FMWhatsapp Apk On Android?”.

Before you go for the installation, you have to enable the downloads from unknown sources. To do so follow these steps.

Click on setting> Security> Unknown Sources> Enable The Downloads.

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

Step 1. Tap on the link above to download the apk file.

Step 2. Once you will tap on the link you download will start as soon as possible.

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

Step 3. Now you will see the installation button above. Tap on the above install button and your installation will start.

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

Step 4. Once your FMWhatsapp apk will be installed. You will see the OK button, you have to tap on the button to open the apk.

FMWhatsapp Apk 7.70 Download Latest Version (Updated) 2018

Now you can enjoy FMWhatsapp apk on your android phone. In this mod apk you can really enjoy all awesome features in this app. You can interact with all by enjoying the all the applicable features of the apk. You can use the app along with the Whatsapp mod.

This means now you can run 3-4 accounts on a single device.

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I hope you guys really enjoy this post and stay tuned with us to get latest updates on the upcoming android emulator.

And if you’re facing any problem regarding FMWhatsapp Apk for android comment in the comment section below and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Additionally, if you’re having any suggestions you are welcome to share it with us in comments and do not forget to share and describe our channel for more updates and upcoming articles which can be useful for your devices.

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