GB Instagram Apk 1.60 Download Latest Version 2018 [GBINSTA & +Version]

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Do you know? More Half of the world’s population is using Instagram. Hello everyone, Today I am back with another one of the most loved apk in the market “GB Instagram Download Latest Version 2018”.

Guys, I hope all you are aware of Instagram and its uses but if you already know then what should do I do here. Here I will let you know you about another version of Instagram which is having some quite different features.

And these features are awesome and you will definitely download this apk after reading all my views on this apk. Because I am personally using this apk and love it a lot.

So let get into the topic.

Want to connect with family who were far away from you? or wants to connect with friends or any loved ones.

Almost every one of you is on social media and when we came to social media Instagram is one of the most popular media. Instagram provides a medium to store your memories, selfies, and photos of friends and family with you for the lifetime.

GB Instagram Latest Version 2018 Does the same thing but with more specifications and features. And once you start using GB Instagram you can store your happiest memories forever.

When you want to download anything on media directly Instagram Mod is needed. Here GB Instagram comes into play.

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Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

Here in this section, I will tell Why to use GB Instagram and problems in original you face while using Original Instagram.

The direct link to download GB Instagram Latest Version 2018 is shared below. This is not different from other social media but this is a mod stock of those.

Guys you have been using Instagram from years and sometimes you feel important to save someone’s story messages or wants to download the running videos on Instagram pages.

Isn’t it? But in the original apk, you are not able to function these type of desires because of its privacy and policy. But you need not to worry here I came with a simple solution GB Instagram Mod Apk Latest Version 1.60 2018.

With help of this apk, you can fulfill your all desires on Instagram. You can download, save or copy anyone’s bio, story, messages, and videos for further use.

Guys if you have twitter in your phone you can see that you do not like to increase followers because people are unable to find to whom you are following and followed by.

GB Instagram solves this problem by providing very special features in which you will be able to see the following and followers both. So now be ready to increase your followers on Instagram.

The larger the number of followers the greater will be the popularity. Well, these are the some of the silent features of the GB Instagram Apk.

Now I will tell the answer to your problems while using the original apk of Instagram.


P1. You are not able to download the images, stories, videos, and bios of another person.

Solution- GB Instagram, Because This apk is having some of the special features in it by which you are able to download the Stories, images, videos and bios on Instagram.

I have heard from so many people the main problem is p1 because sometimes it became necessary to download and sometimes we liked it too much.

Well, your first problem is solved and now coming to the second problem.

P2. Before you are not allowed to save the post of people on Instagram, you have to take a screenshot and then crop. What is this? you do not get bored doing this?

Solution- Again GB Instagram comes into the role. It is the only apk where you can get lots of features with saving features. All you have to do is just click on the download button below to download GB Instagram Latest Version 2018 For Android.

And do not waste your time by searching the apk on PlayStore because it is not there because of the moded version of the Instagram Apk.

So if you need the fastest Download Link Click on the link below to download GB Instagram 2018. I have also shared Transflo Plus Apk to make your business work more productive.

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

Features Of GB Instagram 2018:

Well if we are on features let me tell you there are tons of features in GB Instagram. You can now access each section of the normal app and use it according to your desire.

One more awesome feature is this you will not have to delete the old Instagram from your phone. You can manage both the accounts on the same phone.

It means now you are able to run multiple accounts on the same phone. Not only this Below I am going to list the best awesome features of GB Instagram.

Let’s start:

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

  • Save Bios: In this feature, you are allowed to download the bios of your friends and other people on Instagram. Because some time we see a bio which is related to us but we are unable to save it. Now your this problem is solved with the GB Instagram.
  • Copy Comments: Now you can copy the comments on the posts of yours or others. You can save it for further use.
  • Different Package On single Phone: You can now run different accounts on the single phone with no issues. You can handle both the accounts at the same time.
  • Multiple Instagram Accounts: Manage the same account on two applications at a time. You can use both at the same platform and at the same time.
  • User Interface: This is one of the most user-friendly apk I have ever used. You can do everything according to your desire. You can connect to the people and family on Instagram via messaging and videos.
  • Download Button On Each Media: This is the best feature in this apk by which you can download every videos, stories, bios, and image on Instagram.
  • Zoom Functionality: You are able to zoom each of the images by use of GB Instagram. With this features, you can check the quality of the pics uploaded on Instagram.
  • Notification: Now users can see the notification counts of yours means how many notifications you are getting and by whom. It will help you to clean your account and keep it with the minimal.
  • NO Ban Issue: Whenever you are using a moded version of any apk you will always in thinking maybe your account get banned. But with this apk, you will not feel these problems. Its a licensed apk which is official and no case of a ban.
  • NO Root Required: Some of the moded needs root of the device to download and use their apk but GB Instagram is totally fine without it. You will not need to root your device to use GB Instagram on your Phone.
  • Download Stories: Download every story you want to download from your friends and family profiles. You will not get this feature in any of the other apk on the internet.
  • Themes: Now you can customize your apk according to your choice. There will a lot of options to change the theme of your apk and no of themes will be given to you.

Download GB Instagram Apk Latest Version 2018 For Android:

Downloading GB Instagram is very easy. You have to follow some simple steps to download the apk. There are two types of apk on this. I will let you know one by one.

You do not have to uninstall the old apk on your phone. Just download and install GB Instagram Apk latest version on your phone. There will not be any problem because of the different packages name.


  • Download GB Instagram From the Link Given Below.


Software NameGB Instagram
Last UpdatedDecember 09, 2018
Android Requires4.1+
Total Downloads5000000+
App Size40.1MB
Main FeatureDownload Images, Story, videos and bios
  • Install the apk and you might be warned from the unknown source notification.
  • Click on the setting and enable download from unknown sources.
  • Click on the back button and try to download the apk from the link.


  • Just install the GB Instagram And open it in your phone.

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

  • Login with username and password that you have already logged IN in the previous Instagram Apk.


  • Now you can use the same apk as you did in the earlier apk.

How To Download Images on GB Instagram Apk?

This is the stage where you can get confused but for this, I have explained this term in details to you. Let me tell you one thing download images on GB Instagram is very easy and does not need any special knowledge for that.

If you try to download images on Instagram you might get banned forcefully. But GB Instagram is different you can get all your favorite images in your file by following some simple steps given below.

  • Click on setting in your phone and open downloaded apps from there [Setting>Apps].

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018-on allapkmods

  • Select GB Instagram from there.
  • Click on permission

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

  • Allow the permission of GB Instagram and you will be permitted to access storage, camera, location, and other things.

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

  • Back to GB Instagram. Remember you have not cleared the application data.

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

  • After opening the apk in your phone look for the images you want to download.
  • Now in the image click on menu section and download your image.

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

  • Your image will be saved.

How To Download Videos And Stories On GB Instagram Apk?

You can download the videos and stories as same as you did for images. Follow the same steps and download videos and stories from the sidebar menu option.


How To Download And Install GB Instagram+ On Android?

To download and install GB Instagram+ follow some simple steps below and enjoy the apk.

  • At first, you have to uninstall the original Apk from your phone.
  • Now Download GB INSTA+ from the link given below.
  • If warning shows for unknown sources follow the same step you did above for GB Instagram.
  • Now after enabling download from unknown sources, you need to download and install the GB Instagram Plus Latest version from the link above.
  • You will be successfully downloaded and open it on your phone.

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods

Infographics Of GB Instagram Latest version Apk 2018

Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods


Download_GBInsta_1_60_Latest_Version_Apk_For_Android_2018 on allapkmods


Final Words 

Hope you liked the information above given for GB INSTA above. Download GB INSTAGRAM Apk latest version 2018 from the direct link given above. I have also shared UBER SOCIAL  and SPOTIFY PREMIUM APK. 

GB Instagram Apk latest version 2018 is the best android apk in the market by which you can download images, videos, stories, and all bios.

Connect with your friends and family via videos and love memories. Save all the memories forever with you with the help of GB Instagram. Thanks for your valuable time.