Download Growbox Apk V1.0 For Android (Cast With Showbox)

Hello guys, You all love your favorite episodes and movies. Isn’t it? You can watch all TV episodes and movies absolutely free of cost on this Growbox Apk. We all love to see movies somehow it is very difficult to get all the best collection in one place.

But Growbox is an online mode platform where you can watch your all episodes and movies free of cost. We all know that at this time every day there is we get new technology, Application and many things for our need and wants.

Growbox is an application mainly used for watching online episodes and movies for free. The main use of this application is about getting you all your TV episodes and movies on one platform. So that you get not trouble in searching for your favorite Series.

So guys, In the below article I will let you know about the installation process of Growbox Apk. Before the installation process of the app, you should know about its features and performance of the Growbox Apk.

Growbox Apk


Showbox is similar to the app. All the features given in the Showbox is as same as in the application. If you are aware of upcoming technologies then I am sure you know about Showbox. Right?

Do not worry, if not I am here to explain you all these upcoming technologies. Basically, Growbox is an Apk at which you can watch all your episodes and movies online mode.

You can watch your videos in high-quality mode. Growbox is designed such that it takes very less data for surfing of the videos. It is one of the best Apk for online streaming.

You can also check Showbox Apk cause both the Apk has the same features and qualities. Actually, the Apk is designed as same as Showbox but the design of the app is different.

Now you all are curious to download the app as soon as possible. So without wasting any of your time, Now I will tell you about the installation process in the last paragraph of the article.

Before the Installation process, you should know about the basic features of the Apk.

Features Of Growbox Apk:


  • GrowBox allows the users to stream Showbox to Chromecast where the user has the advantage of watching episodes and movies on the bigger screen and in high quality.
  • The app comes with a good user interface that makes it easy to use and watch favorite shows and movies without any complications.
  • Growbox app is all an overall solution to people who face problems while streaming videos.
  • GrowBox is a very useful application and will give you a better watching video experience if you are using Chromecast.
  • Users can share your videos, photos, movies from your Android phone to Smart TV.

How To Download Growbox Apk For Android: Complete Guide

You have to install the app with much ease. Actually, This Apk is not available at Google playstore. So, follow the instruction to download the app on your device.

1:- Uninstall MX player

  • At first, if you had installed MX player in your device, Kindly uninstall it cause while keeping MX player in your phone. You may not be able to Open or stream Growbox.
  • Because Growbox fails to work while keeping MX player in the mobile phones.
  • So, First of all, open setting on your mobile phone or playstore in your device. There must be an option for all the installed apps in your device.GrowBox_APK_Download_for_Showbox_Latest_Version_-allapkmods
  • Now search for MX player in all the apps given in the list. If you click on the MX player you will be able to find the uninstall option for the app.GrowBox_APK_Download_for_Showbox_Latest_Version_-Allapkmods


  • Now click on the button ‘ok’ for the uninstallation of the MX player in your device.

2:- Download Growbox Apk

  • Once you are done all the settings, you can start downloading the APK file for GrowBox from the link to download the GrowBox APK directly here.


  • After Apk file download is completed, you will be notified by your device.

3:- Installation Of Growbox On Android

  • Before installing the GrowBox app, you need to change your phone security settings as GrowBox APK file is a third party installation application. And permission of the device is important for installation the Apk.

4:- Get Application Permission

  • All you have to do simple steps to get permission.
  • Simply go to the setting.
  • Tap security >> under security you will get device administrations where the user has to enable “Unknown sources”.
  • You can easily install any unknown source apps or other software on your device.

5:-Confirm GrowBox App Installation

  • Once you have downloaded the app permissions from your Android device, you can install Apk.
  • You get another message asking you ‘Do you want to install this application?’.


  • Just Click the Install button and proceed with the on-screen steps.
  • You all have to do accept all the permissions that this app asks you to get installed on Android.

6:- Install Growbox from android

  • Installation process could take some time based on the broadband connection speed.
  • After the completion of the installation process, you can lead to the notifications shade.


  • You can find notification saying that the Growbox app installed.
  • Click to open the application.


  • From then, the users can start watching their episodes and videos and other stuff for free through Showbox app.

How To Use Growbox Apk?


Learn the basic step to watch your best episodes and movies.

Note: Ensure that you have installed AllCast or LocalCast app on your Android device to watch different movies.

  • Firstly, Complete the installation of the Showbox app on an Android device.
  • Open Showbox app just by following the basic app setup steps.
  • Choose the movie and episodes video that you wish watching on your Television.
  • You can choose the screen resolution for the video quality.
  • Hit the option that says ‘Watch Now’.
  • Navigate to Menu and go to Tools. Start streaming the video through the GrowBox app.
  • Connect the device to which you are willing to watch the video.
  • Episodes or the video will begin casting on the large screen.

APK Screenshot



Final Verdict

Now, all done you can enjoy your episodes and movies. In this Apk, you can enjoy.

Growbox is the best app for videos. This Apk is the best opportunity to get all the episodes for free.

I hope you liked the information given above. Stay tuned with me to know and to download all Apk mods of every game you want. Thanks for the reading.


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